Graph Warrior

Our hero faces a Skeleton and a Gremlin

"This game was the result when I decided to try my hand at making a more casual take on one of my favorite generes, the venerable rouge-like." -Chris

A browser-based game where you explore the Dungeons of Despair and save the world from erasure. Deceptively simple ASCII monsters and levels challenge you as you seek to find and destroy the Amulet of Erasure and top the scoreboards.

The basic game is complete and free to play (click the button below). Supporting the game (click the other button) will grant you access to the daily adventure, where you compete against other players on the same levels, fighting an expanded menagerie of monsters, finding the same gear and submitting your score once you think you've done your best.

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Recent Changes
10/20 - You can now plug holes with boulders.
10/11 - Holes are rare.
10/10 - Dropping random gems doesn't act like dropping the Amulet.
10/9 - Earth Elementals don't move diagonally... as was intended (Thanks WereBear); Added holes in place of boulders and walls (rarely) - sometimes they contain monsters, sometimes they contain items, sometimes both, and it hurst to fall in.
10/8 - Musquitos now only heal one nearby monster, not all (Whoops!); Fixed a bug where subsequest Firewave casts were broken; no longer auto-drop stuff.
10/7 - Added Mosquitos (both); Items are now worth specific point values; Added gems, which take up space but score lots of points and go away when you leave a level (daily); Boulders now hide things they are over (both).
10/5 - Burst costs one more; Phase Spiders have started appearing (daily); You can use known spell book when full of spells; clicking a stack of items describes them all.
10/4 - Press 0 to go unarmed; monsters now have more flavor in their attack text; Plague turns Skeletons into Zombies (thanks Trebor); Zombies appear (daily); Attack spells take a turn.
10/2 - The final boss does a range of damage; Bludgeoning weapons are better; Regenerate heals faster at higher levels; Teleport heals you a bit; Plague should not miss people now; Shield is cheaper to cast.
10/1 - Spawned gremlins no longer give points or XP; the final boss will do increasing damage with his zaps, over time; Collect replaced by a new spell, "Regeneration", in starting list and made cheaper.

A game by Chris Moyer. Drop him an e-mail. · Super Awesome Supporters